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Start here: https://www.hostingsquad.nl/helpdesk-webhosting/hoe-vraag-ik-een-gratis-ssl-certificaat-aan/



  • Account Manager > SSL Certificates
  • choose Free & automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt
  • either: Common Name: I should have checked Wildcard
  • or: check the domain names and subdomain names for which you'd like to request a certificate
  • click SAVE: a message appears:
Your request will run in the background. Once completed, you'll be notified in the Message System.
  • close the message


  • wait a minute and normally in the top right corner, a new message notification will appear. Click on it. Normally it will state !LetsEncrypt request successful


  • go back to Account Manager > SSL Certificates
  • scroll down and check Force SSL with https redirect and click on the Save button next to it
  • then choose Account Manager > Domain Setup
  • click on your domain name
  • in the top right corner, click on private_html setup
  • choose Use a symbolic link from private_html to public_html - allows for same data in http and https (see: https://www.versio.nl/forum/4327-maak-publichtml-en-privatehtml-gelijk-)


  • ~/lib/LocalSite.cfg: change http to https for the {DefaultUrlHost}:
$Foswiki::cfg{DefaultUrlHost} = 'https://wiki.boossy.be';
  • ~/.htaccess: change public_html into private_html:
RewriteRule ^([A-Z].*) /home/web00929/domains/boossy.be/private_html/wiki/bin/view/$1 [L]

PHPJabbers tools


change the values for:
  • PJ_INSTALL_PATH: private_html instead of public_html
  • PJ_INSTALL_URL: https instead of http


  • change permissions: 444 ► 644
  • change the value for $base_url: https instead of http
  • change permissions: 644 ► 444
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