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Windows 11 Region and Language

Where are all settings located, or say, hidden...

Settings > Time & Language

Na installatie van v23H2:
  • modern Settings werden getoond in het Nederlands, ondanks onderstaande instellingen
    ► oplossing: beide talen (Nederlands BE en English US) eens verwijderen en opnieuw installeren (en telkens herstarten)
  • zoeken in modern Settings toonde de resource info (@{windows?ms-resource://Windows.UI.SettingsAppThreshold…) ipv plain text
    ► oplossing:
    • rightclick the Settings app
    • kies vervolgens More > App settings
    • klik tot slot op Reset

  • v22H2 & (zie groene items, specifiek voor) v23H2
  • > cog Settings
  • Time & Language > Language and region
    • Language
      • Windows display language: English (United States)
      • Preferred languages:
        • English (United States)
        • Dutch (Belgium)
        • English (Belgium) (only on Pergolesi, not on Artemis22)*
        • French (Belgium) (only on Pergolesi, not on Artemis22)*
          *Pergolesi states: "The current order of languages in the list above may not give you a consistent experience in English. We recommend re-ordering your languages by pressing the Group related languages button.
          (I don't do that since I'm happy with the current 'experience in English'...)
    • Region
      • Country or region: Belgium
      • Regional format: Dutch (Belgium)
  • Time & Language > Typing
    • Advanced keyboard settings
      • Override for default input method: Dutch (Belgium) - Belgian (Period)
      • Input language hot keys link:
        • in the To turn off Caps Lock section, choose the Press the SHIFT key option
        • Hot keys for input languages: click every action, then click on the Change Key Sequence… button and choose Not Assigned for both 'Switch Input Language' and 'Switch Keyboard Layout'
        • WARNING: even with the key sequences disabled, it remains possible to switch between the preferred languages by pressing + spacebar - you could overcome this by adding an AZERTY keyboard to English (United States) - but I don't do this
  • Time & Language > Language and region
    • Related settings > Administrative language settings
      • Copy settings…
        • Current user :
          • Display language: English (United States)
          • Input language: Dutch (Belgium) - Belgian (Period)
          • Format: Dutch (Belgium)
          • Location: Belgium
        • If the values for the current user are as mentioned above, then check the Welcome screen and system accounts and the New user accounts checkbox.

Default System UI Language

Issue the following command in an elevated terminal window:
dism /online /get-intl

Time & Language > Language and region
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