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Windows 11


Bypass incompatibility check

I installed it on two incompatible devices, using the Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper to bypass the incompatibilities.


I have installed it on two devices by now. In both cases, the installation was flawless.

Look and feel / User preferences

Windows 11 has the taskbar at the bottom, and doesn't allow QuickLaunch folders. Two preferences that can be overcome using third party tools.

Trial 1: OpenShell cross

  • install !WinaeroTweaker
    • in WinaeroTweaker, go to Windows 11 ► Enable Classic Taskbar
    • also click 'Enable System Icons' and enable clock, network & sound
  • install !OpenShell
  • small icons & don't group icons: registry tweak:
    • small icons: "TaskbarSmallIcons"=dword:00000002
    • don't group icons: "TaskbarGlomLevel"=dword:00000002
source: https://www.reddit.com/r/windows/comments/odtoyp/am_i_the_only_one_who_wants_quick_launch_in/

issue: Windows Explorer search box not accessible (see https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu/discussions/745#discussioncomment-1446338)

Trial 2: StartAllBack tick


This seems to work seamlessly with Windows 11, not breaking the Windows Explorer search.

It has the following advantages:
  • position the taskbar where you want: bottom, left, top, right
  • add a quick launch bar
  • ungroup taskbar items:
    in the navpane of the app, choose Taskbar: then in the 'Tweak behavior and superpowers' section, next to Combine tasbar buttons, choose Never)
  • classic context menus:
    in the navpane of the app, choose Explorer: then in the Make it top notch' section, check the Classic context menus checkbox

Hide language bar tick

Trial 1: Turn Input Indicator system icon off cross

  • classic Control Panel > Systeemvakpictogrammen > Turn system icons on or off
  • Input Indicator: Off

Trial 2: Language Bar: Hidden tick

  • (modern) Settings > Time & language
  • Typing
  • Advanced keyboard settings
  • in the Switching input methods section:
    • enable Let met use a different input method for each app window
    • enable Use the desktop language bar when it's available
  • then click on the Language bar options link
    • choose Hidden
    • click Apply
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNGMScAAFB0

EarTrumpet app tick

In Windows 10, you were able to click the Volume icon and then use the left/right arrow keys to lower/increase the volume. In the first iteration of Windows 11 (?), this was no longer possible, making the Volume icon part of the . The third-party app EarTrumpet made this possible again.

But apparently, today, the default Volume icon has returned now, so the use of the EarTrumpet app has become superfluous.

Cascade windows cross

If you rightclick the taskbar in Windows 10, you have the possibility to Cascade windows.

The following .vbs script does the same…
dim objShell
set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")
set objShell = nothing

… in Windows 10.

However, in Windows 11, nothing happens!

Nevertheless, the method is present in Windows 11. Issue the following PowerShell command:
New-Object -ComObject "Shell.Application" | gm | select Name, MemberType


Windows 11 File Explorer Command Bar missing

Right after the upgrade to Windows 11, the File Explorer showed no Command Bar.

Using StartAllBack, I was able to choose the Win10 Ribbon UI (from the Explorer section in the TOC), but whenever I chose Win11 Command Bar, it didn't appear.

Then I found this tip on MAJOR GEEKS.

Apparently, the Win11 Command Bar was blocked, you can unblock it issuing the following registry tweak:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; MajorGeeks.Com
; How to Restore the Classic File Explorer Ribbon in Windows 11
; Tutorial: https://www.majorgeeks.com/content/page/restore_file_explorer_11.html

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked]

Afterwards, restart Explorer.


  • that the taskbar is at the bottom and can't be moved, okay, I can live with it
  • that I can't add a QuickLaunch bar, okay, I can live with it, I'll use Pin to taskbar, but…
  • nearly half (11 out of 24) of the items I'd like to pin to the taskbar, can't be pinned to the taskbar (Event Viewer, WinSCP, PSPad, IB Expert, MySQL Workbench, …)
Solution: StartAllBack


.bat / .exe files which I gave a custom icon, sometimes appear with a blank page icon.

Solution: move these icons from the network location to a local drive

Searching in Explorer

I can't put my cursor in the Search field if I launch the File Explorer throught the default shortcut.

  • open the 'old' Control Panel: now the Search field is accessible, even if I move to 'regular' folders

Solution: use StartAllBack instead of OpenShell.
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