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Windows 10 header banner

Op een bepaald moment is Windows ermee begonnen om in de Instellingen (Win+I) een header banner te laten zien met daarin iconen met wat tekst en een meldingspunt/notification dot (zoals dat in Android heet). Op het moment van schrijven staan daar vier iconen:
  • OneDrive: Manage
  • Windows Update: Last checked: x hours ago
  • Rewards: x points
  • Web browsing: Restore recommended
Blijkbaar kunnen daar ook nog andere iconen staan: Your Phone, …

Op zich is daar niets mis mee… behalve dat het meldingspunt bij Web browsing blijft staan als je liever geen Edge gebruikt als browser en liever geen Bing als zoekmachine.

Dus, daar willen we vanaf. Dat kan via vivetool .

Feature configurations

You can check the list of available feature configurations here: mach2/21332.txt at master · riverar/mach2 · GitHub. The build number here is greater than the build number of my Windows version, but contained right numeric ids for the header banner and Web browsing features - in the right numbered .txt, they were 0…
  • Je zou de hele header banner kunnen weghalen: feature config 18299130
  • of enkel Web browsing: feature config 23531064
  • of enkel de dot bij Web browsing?? [dat heb ik niet gevonden]

Current status of a feature configuration

You can check the status of a feature config using vivetool's queryconfig command.

Status of the header banner (EnableValueBanner: 18299130):
.\ViVeTool.exe queryconfig 18299130

And you get the following:
[0x011738FA / 18299130]
Group: 4
EnabledState: Enabled (2)
EnabledStateOptions: 1
Variant: 0
VariantPayloadKind: 0
VariantPayload: 0

Status of OneDrive (ValueBannerEnableOneDrive: 19638738) fails (the specified ID may not exist in the store)

Status of Windows Update (?): no idea of the id smile

Status of Rewards (ValueBannerEnableRewards: 19638787):

[0x012BAA03 / 19638787]
Group: 4
EnabledState: Enabled (2)
EnabledStateOptions: 1
Variant: 0
VariantPayloadKind: 0
VariantPayload: 0

Status of Web browsing:
.\ViVeTool.exe queryconfig 23531064

Results in:
[0x01670E38 / 23531064]
Group: 4
EnabledState: Enabled (2)
EnabledStateOptions: 1
Variant: 2
VariantPayloadKind: 0
VariantPayload: 0

And why not from all configured features:

.\ViVeTool.exe queryconfig all

Hide/Show a feature configuration

You could use the delconfig command, but I prefer to use the addconfig command in combination with the Disabled state type. There are three state types:
  • 0 = Default
  • 1 = Disabled
  • 2 = Enabled
You can only change these states using an elevated terminal.

Hide the header banner completely:
.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 18299130 0

.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 18299130 1

Show the header banner:
.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 18299130 2

Hide only the Web browsing feature:

.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23531064 1

Show the Web browsing feature again:

.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23531064 2 => doesn't work!

You need a full set of command options: <enabled state optons> [enabled state options] [variant] [variant payload kind] [variant payload] [group]

So, the/a correct statement is:

.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23531064 2 1 2 0 0 4

And since the Rewards feature brings no added value, I have also hidden it:
.\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 19638787 1

The result: a clean and crisp Settings App interface!

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