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Mouse and keyboard monitoring software

Ideal to detect what keys can be remapped.

Keyboard Heatmap 8/6/'20-17/6/'20

Keys that were used 0% of the time:
Key # Pressed Remap to
F1 0 cut
F4 32  
F6 3  
F7 0 = Spelling Check in Office
F8 2  
F9 8  
F10 0 copy
F11 0 paste
F12 11  
Ins 1 search
PgUp 14  
PgDn 18  
NumLock 9 ¹
PrtScrn not measured ²
ScrlLock not measured select all
Pause not measured = the same as AltGr and Right Ctrl
(according to PowerToys)
Calculator not measured Alt-F8 (macros in Office)
¹ necessary for Remote Desktop

² necessary for PrintScreen
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