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Webdesign password check

Remember to visit https://passwords.google.com/ regularly.

Then, if necessary, change the breached passwords - or even choose to change the user name!

Database users & passwords

app config file database user db password administrator user admin password
Akeeba Solo Solo\assets\private\config.php        
Drupal 7 sites\default\settings.php        
PHPJabbers Event Booking Calendar app\config\config.inc.php        
Pydio data\plugins\boot.conf\bootstrap.json        
If you have added a new user to all databases, you can remove the first user. I suppose that he is deleted when you delete him from the last database. Anyway, trying to login at ~/phpMyAdmin/index.php fails!

Non database users & passwords

  • Akeeba Solo
  • Drupal 7 / 8
  • protected access to cgi-bin
  • fileman.cgi admin user/password:
    • username in ~\private\fileman.conf
    • password in the app itself: Settings > Change Password
  • c9ui: Settings: Default options: -a user:password
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