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TWiki installation

We do have TWiki at the office, where I installed it some years ago on a Linux server.

Now I wanted a TWiki for personal purposes on my hosted site boossy.be, that means: no access to Apache config files and no root privileges.

1 Installation

a Download
b Copy the unpacked distribution to your hosted server.

I didn't (have to) move the /bin & /pub subdirs to another location, but left them where they were.
c Setup access file and directory rights

The only files I chmod'ed, were the files in the /bin subdirectory, to make them executable .
d Create the file LocalLib.cfg

According to the instructions, I changed the $twikiLibPath in the /bin/LocalLib.cfg file.
e Apache configuration using .htaccess files

Since I have no access to the Apache configuration of my hosted site, this was the only possibility.

I used the .htaccess files from the /misc subdirectory, as described.

And I included an .htaccess file in the /bin subdirectory with SetHandler cgi-script.

2 Configuration

Then I ran the configuration script: .../bin/configure

I was somewhat confused with the general path settings: the DefaultUrlHost simply is the host name (do not add /twiki!), but I think the defaults shown, are normally correct.

The same confusion came up with the .htaccess file on the twiki root, where the instruction states:
# Redirect /urlpath/to/twiki/index.html http://your.domain.com/urlpath/to/twiki/bin/view

meaning leave out your default url host, but start with /twiki/index.html

3 Next


Volg eerst de richtlijnen in TWikiInstallationGuide.txt.
Dat gaat voornamelijk om .htaccess bestanden.

Maak vervolgens de configure file in de bin-directory executable en surf ernaartoe:
geef een nieuw wachtwoord op (heb hetzelfde gebruikt als van boossybe van de hosting).
Je krijgt dan meldingen die het volgende zeggen:
- geef alle files zonder extensie in de bin-directory execute-rechten (25)
- paden (waren denk ik eigenlijk wel correct

De .htaccess van de root is een beetje tricky:
# Redirect /urlpath/to/twiki/index.html http://your.domain.com/urlpath/to/twiki/bin/view
/urlpath/to/twiki/index.html is het pad van de public_html-root, dus: /twiki/index.html, of volledig is de regel dus:
Redirect /twiki/index.html http://boossy.be/twiki/bin/view

Er zijn nu twee users:
- admin
- StijnBousard
Allebei met hetzelfde wachtwoord. De eerste is de eigenlijke admin.

Surf eens naar de lib of templates subdir - die mogen niet bereikbaar zijn (hacking vulnerability).
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