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Regular expressions

Use Case: bankdocumenten hernoemen

' VBScript to rename bank documents so they appear in
' the right order
' Derived from script written by ApOgEE: https://coderstalk.blogspot.com/2007/09/vbscript-to-replace-underscores-in.html?m=0
' RegEx variable aantal cijfers: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12011792/regular-expression-matching-a-3-or-4-digit-cvv-of-a-credit-card
' regex replace script: https://www.devguru.com/content/technologies/VBScript/regexp-replace.html
Dim sName
Dim fso
Dim fol
' voor de regular expression(s)
Dim RegX
Set RegX = NEW RegExp

On Error Resume Next

' create the filesystem object
Set fso = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

' get current folder
Set fol = fso.GetFolder(".")

' go thru each files in the folder
For Each fil In fol.Files
   If InStr(1, fil.Name, "TroepDatWegMag_") <> 0 Then
      ' rename
      sName = Replace(fil.Name, "TroepDatWegMag_", "")
      ' regex zoekpatroon: underscore, 4 of 5 cijfers, dash, 3 cijfers, 7 of 8 cijfers 
      ' (neemt in dat laatste geval het hoogste aantal blijkbaar)
      SearchPattern = "_\d{4,5}-\d{3}_\d{7,8}"
      ReplaceString = "_bankafschrift"
      RegX.Pattern = SearchPattern
      RegX.Global = True
      ReplacedText = RegX.Replace(sName, ReplaceString)
      ' rename the file
      fil.Name = ReplacedText
   End If

' echo the job is completed
WScript.Echo "Completed!"


regular expression expressions regex regexp
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