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# current name future nameSorted ascending remark
vmg19 vm-20190123   temporary (basic cart)
mzt18 mt-20181228-d855-ori   megamenu issue
vmg18 vm-20181003-commerce   Drupal Commerce
vmj3x vm-j3x    
  myrestaurant-d8   import from Codeanywhere (with Composer)
kaj3x ka-j3x    
klj3x kl-j3x    
wds webdesign   PHP 5.5.9 workspace with webdesign courses:
PHP, Drupal 7 basis, verfijning, expert, webshop & eindwerk
php71 php71-kickstart php71-kickstart  
php72 php72-kickstart php72-kickstart  
php559 php559-kickstart to be deleted PHP 5.5.9
10/04/2019: aangezien Cloud9 stopt op 31/12, overgegaan op GoormIDE.
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