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  • Enable the add-ons in Internet Explorer
  • then in Windows Explorer: click on the View tab, open the Options menu and choose the QT Command Bar
  • click on the gear (opens QTTabBar options window)
Since Windows 10 v1809, with the dark themed Explorer, use the following color settings:
  • background & border colors: RGB: 80 - 80 - 80 (vroeger gebruikte ik ook wel eens 73 - 75 - 73)
  • text color: RGB: 235 - 235 - 235

Then set the following options:
  • Compatible Folder View > General tab
    • check the "Compatible list view style" option
    • check the "Selected column bg color in Details" option and choose color… (first column in Explorer Details view)
  • Appearance
    • Toolbar tab: Toolbar background color choose color…
    • Folder View tab:
      • Base background color Active & Inactive
      • Base text color Active & Inactive
      • Border color of View Active & Inactive
    • Navigation Pane tab: Back & Text color choose color…
Afterwards, you can uncheck the QT Command Bar from the Options menu, but make sure the QT Base Toolbar remains selected, otherwise your custom colors won't appear.

Issue 1

31/03/2016: I wasn't able to choose QT Command Bar or QTTabBar from the options menu in Explorer.

CAUSE: I had disabled all add-ons in Internet Explorer. Re-enabling them solved the issue.

Issue 2

At a certain moment, in File Explorer, a file was only selected when I clicked the name, and not the row. What was even worse, was that when you double clicked the empty space next to the file name, File Explorer moved to the above level…

Apparently, I had enabled the following setting in QTTabBar:
  • in the left column, select Events
  • in the Folder View pane, change the value for Double Click on folder view from 'Go up one level' into none

Issue 3

At a certain moment, I saw the letters QT on the taskbar. Apparently, that is the QT Tab Desktop Tool. You can disable this as follows:
  • rightclick the taskbar > Toolbars
  • uncheck QT Tab Desktop Tool


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