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Windows 11 title bars

In !StartAllBack, you can choose the Advanced section and then check the Use new font for classic UI. Well, don't (unless your PC can handle this option correctly)!

If you do, you can end up with title bars of classic Windows applications with an enlarged font size and according height, and unchecking the option won't solve this!

Reset font size

  • windows + i: the Settings app is opened
  • choose Accessibility > Text size
  • set the slider completely to the left
The font size is reset, however, the title bar height remains…

Reset height

In WinaeroTweaker, go to:
  • Advanced Appearance Settings > Window Title Bars
  • On top of that page, click on the Reset this page to defaults link
  • Sign out and sign in!

File Explorer: title bar with accent color

In StartAllBack:
  • go to the Explorer section
  • disable the Mica effect on top option
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