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%PARENTBC% Event Calendar

%JQTABPANE% %JQTAB{"Month View"}%

%CALENDAR{Foswiki::Attrs=HASH(0x5aea6d8)}% has invalid year specification.

%JQENDTAB% %JQTAB{"List Events"}%

Date Time Event Location

%JQENDTAB% %JQTAB{"Add New Event"}%

Title: %EDITFORMFIELD{ "Title" value="Wiki Wednesday, CITY" form="EventForm" }% - use format Name, City
Location: %EDITFORMFIELD{ "Location" form="EventForm" }%
Date: %EDITFORMFIELD{ "Date" form="EventForm" }% - use format YYYY-MM-DD
Time: %EDITFORMFIELD{ "Time" value="18:00" form="EventForm" }% - use format 23:59
Until: %EDITFORMFIELD{ "Until" value="20:00" form="EventForm" }% - use format 23:59
Use TWiki markup. Once added, the article can be edited in WYSIWYG mode.


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