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How to print (to pdf) a large website with lazy loading images

e.g. https://www.weebpal.com/guides/drupal-8-zircon-theme-guide-developers

In any case:
  • scroll down the site page per page so all images load…
  • when you're at the bottom of the site, save it in all possible formats known to the browser (.mht, html complete, html only, …)
Then try to print it:
  • Opera cross
  • Mozilla Firefox ticktick
    • our example pdf contained 84 pages and all images
    • furthermore, the files folder contained all images (all files together 190 items))
  • Internet Explorer tick
    • our example pdf contained 107 pages and all images
    • the files folder only contains the non lazy items (30 items)
  • Google Chrome cross
  • Microsoft Edge cross
The difference in pages can be explained by the fact that IE tries to start an image that's too large for a certain page on the following page, which leads to a lot of white space in the case of large (read: high) images.

Firefox just shows the images below the text and splits them at the bottom of the page.

Maybe there are situations in which you'd prefer the IE approach (e.g. in the case of photos or paintings), but in our example case (developer guide for a website), the FF approach is more desirable, because more economical in paper…
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