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OneNote TWiki conversion

If you want to convert your OneNote notetakings to a TWiki, the best procedure is as follows:

Create TWiki topics for each OneNote page

The easiest way is to create them all in once:
  • create one topic and choose "Save" or "Save and Continue"
  • then go back to the WebCreateNewTopic page by clicking on the browser's back button twice

Copy the notetakings page and paste it in the topic

In OneNote, select and copy the contents of a page:
  • select the contents by positioning the cursor anywhere in the text and pressing three times Ctrl+A (1st time = sentence, 2nd time=paragraph, 3rd time=all contents of the page)
  • then copy
In TWiki, paste these contents:
  • paste - you'll notice that the line spacing is not correct, that headings are not applied, but that hyperlinks are preserved!
  • click on "Save and Continue" - the line spacing is better, but not yet completely correct

Apply desired headings, bullets & numbering

  • you'll have to apply the desired headings manually
  • bulleted/numbered items still have a line spacing that is too large: select these sentences, click on the bullets/numbering button to disable the numbering/bulleting, then click it again to enable it again: the line spacing is now correct
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