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Microsoft Outlook

Export to an Outlook Data File (.pst)

Every 10 years (...) I make a backup of my mailbox.

Nowadays, I check my mail through webmail, but I still have an email account configured in Outlook, of the IMAP/SMTP type.

If you want to export your mailbox, no problem:
  • launch Outlook
  • File > Open & Export > Import/Export
  • Import and Export Wizard window:
    • Choose an action to perform: Export to a file
    • Next >
    • Create a file of type: Outlook Data File (.pst)
    • Next >
    • Select the folder to export from, check the Include subfolders checkbox if wanted
    • Next >
    • Save exported file as: E:\nter\The\Desired\FileName.pst
    • Finish
  • Create Outlook Data File window:
    • You can enter a password, if wanted
    • OK
  • Wait for the export to complete and you'll find your .pst file in the indicated location.
Now, the tricky part is reading the .pst file.
  • again, in Outlook
  • File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File
  • choose your .pst file
  • in the Folder Pane, an Outlook Data File item appears
  • uncollapse this item and choose a message folder (e.g. Inbox), you'll always see: We didn't find anything to show here.
Apparently, that's because you exported an IMAP type mailbox, then the messages marked for deletion are hidden...
  • So, with a message folder selected, click the View menu > Change View
  • instead of 'Hide Messages Marked for Deletion', choose Preview
  • the messages in the folder now appear
  • if there are subfolders, however, they'l still state We didn't find anything to show here
  • Now return to the message folder you've already corrected, and in the View menu, now choose once again Change View
  • now choose Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders...
  • check all desired message folders and check the Apply view to subfolders checkbox if necessary
  • now check the subfolders again, and you'll see the messages.
That's it!
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