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Microsoft Calendar

Microsoft Calendar is part of Microsoft Outlook.

After years of problems to get a fully functional Birthday Calendar in Outlook, I wanted to sort it out.

The problem is/was that not all birthdays appeared in the calendar.

I did everything in outlook.live.com.
  • make sure your birthday calendar is active
    • click the Settings gear (top right)
    • click on View all Outlook settings (bottom right)
    • choose Calendar and View (this can take some time)
    • scroll down to the Birthday calendar section and check the Turn on the birhday calendar checkbox
Now, if you notice that not all your contacts with filled in birthday appear in your calendar, continue as follows:
  • export your contacts:
    • click on the people icon (bottom left)
    • make your screen not too wide (< 1080px) or wide enough (> 1280px)!!
    • click on the Manage contacts button (top right - head with gear)
    • choose Export contacts
    • choose All contacts and click on the Export button
  • delete your contacts: deleting is only possible per 50 contacts
    • select the first one in the list
    • scroll down
    • hold the shift button and click the supposed 50th item - on the right hand side, you see how many contacts you selected - hold the shift button and adjust if necessary
    • then click on the Delete button
  • set aside a copy of your exported contacts and open the other one in Excel:
    • scroll down and you'll notice that there are one or more cells with wrapped text
in text editor

tel.-nrs. die aaneenhangen verliezen eerste 0!!! ==> 0032spatie

in Excel

Birthday field: format cells > Date: 2012-03-14


save and close

re-open in notepad and replace all semi-colons by commas.

Import in Outlook!



people personen
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