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1 DRUPAL · mt-d8-zircon

Theme Information

Folder Structure

  • README.txt
  • zircon_d8-demo-8.4.2.zip demo for Zircon Drupal 8
  • zircon_d8-8.4.2.zip: Zircon Drupal 8 theme


From Demo package: http://www.weebpal.com/guides/step-step-guide-install-drupal-8-theme
  1. Download Zircon package here
  2. Extract the download package to get these files:
    • Theme: zircon_d8-8.1.1.zip
    • Demo Package: zircon_d8-demo-8.1.1.zip
  3. Extract Demo Package above and copy it into your host, and rename the directory to zircon
  4. Access to database and create a database with a name such as zircon-d8.
  5. In the demo directory database , you can find database dump named sample_data.sql
    • Import this file into new database.
      • https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/install/step-3-create-a-database:
        • Make sure you select COLLATION utf8mb4_unicode_ci or utf8mb4_general_ci, so in phpMyAdmin, proceed as follows after the creation of your database:
        • click on the name of your database in the left panel
        • click on the tab Operations/Handelingen
        • in the Collation/Collatie panel: choose utf8mb4_unicode_ci
        • check the Change all tables collations/Wijzig alle tabelcollaties checkbox
        • then click on the Go/Starten button
      • then import the sample_data.sql file
  6. Open browser and navigate to your website :
    • Choose language: Nederlands
    • Profiel kiezen: Standaard - Minimaal
    • Vereisten controleren:
      • Drupal is reeds geïnstalleerd
        • Om opnieuw te beginnen, maakt u de bestaande database leeg en vervangt u settings.php door default.settings.php.
        • Om een bestaande installatie te upgraden, gaat u verder naar script updaten.
        • Bekijk uw bestaande site.
    • Click Visit your new site and you will have a new site.
    • Welcome to Drupal 8. Now enjoy your work built with Zircon theme from WeebPal:
  7. Now, you can visit administrator site with the admin account admin/admin to delete the unnecessary contents and add the new ones.

Change the admin user and password

  • Login with admin/admin
  • People menu: edit admin user: modify your user credentials
  • Click Configuration > Development > Performance -→ Clear all caches, then Save configuration
  • Click on your user name and choose Log out
  • Log in again with your new credentials


  • Extend: Language: Configure
  • List tab:
    • Add language: Dutch
    • Add language: French
    • Move Dutch to 1st position, French to 2nd position
    • Set Dutch as Default language
    • Save configuration
    • Structure > Block layout
    • Choose your theme
    • Choose location, e.g. sidebar 2nd: place block
    • Choose language switcher block / taalkeuze: place block
    • Save block
  • suddenly, EN was again changed in English in the language switcher
function MYTHEME_preprocess_links__language_block(&$variables) {
  $variables['links']['en']['link']['#title'] = 'EN';

Redirect / Rewrite root dir to subdir

As I did for the Drupal 7 Vox Mago site when I switched to HostingSquad (see here), you can also achieve this on Drupal 7.

I found the following two articles: The first contains two extra rewrite conditions and one extra rewrite rule, but forgets to set the rewrite engine on.

I opted for the 2nd one, and hope everything works fine.

1. .htaccess root directory


RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*) drupal/$1 [L]

2. .htaccess drupal directory


RewriteBase /drupal

3. settings.php (.../drupal/sites/default/~)

Add at the end:

if (isset($GLOBALS['request']) && '/web/index.php' === $GLOBALS['request']->server->get('SCRIPT_NAME')) {
 $GLOBALS['request']->server->set('SCRIPT_NAME', '/index.php');

4. 404

There remained however one problem, not due to Drupal or the rewrite lines, but to the fact that I had a never expiring index.html in the root directory! I deleted it, but once the index.html is on a client browser, it never checks for an updated version, and this is beyond my control. So, I always got a 404 message in browsers where the site was already cached!

The best thing I could come up with, was redirecting all 404's to the homepage:
  • Configuration > System > Basic site settings
  • Settings tab > ERROR PAGES section > Default 404 (not found) page: by default, this field is empty (generic page not found), I changed it in '/', going to the <front> page, but not showing all elements… ('/' = '/nl' = '/node' = /node?id=1)


Under construction template


Manage your website through a powerful web-based file manager.

The file you can download there, is a .tar.gz file, but in reality it's a .tar file!


PHP Contact Form Generator


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