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3 steps

In Google Photos application, you must share selected album and get link of it:

2 Create code to embed album

3 Paste code to your website

Complete code, paste to your site. That’s all.
If you need process some change, such as add new photos, you must create new code of album. I will try to solve this problem in some of the following versions.

4 Local JavaScript file

I like a transparent background instead of the default black one, but that requires you to download the original .js file to your own server and adapt it:

5 CMS specific stuff

5.1 Joomla

In Joomla, you know the following trick:
  • open an article
  • choose [Toggle Editor] to get a text version of the article
  • refresh (F5) to get all code!!!

5.2 Drupal

In Drupal, a similar trick is required:
  • edit your content
  • choose Source for the Body field
  • then, below the Body field, choose Text Format PHP Code
If you don't, your album won't display!

Good to known

Result code contain all link to images of shared album. No files copying. The code decorate, by external Javascript component, after page is loaded and create Player with album. It’s easy and fast.

If you decide not to share the album, just stop sharing it in Google Photos and the photos will not be available anywhere else.

Javascript decorator script is now available on CDN.


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