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Microsoft Surface 3 battery charging time

About 4 hours from less than 10% battery. That's about one hour slower than my Surface Pro 2 with its custom charger at the same level.


I've always used the charger and cable that came with the Surface 3 and I have not seen any terrible charging times. I went from 5% to full in under 4 hours yesterday. I wasn't using the Surface during charging, so I'm sure that helped. But 4 hours for a full charge seems acceptable. Is it the fastest charging device I own? Definitely not. But I don't think it is that slow to be considered an issue.


Finally drained the battery on my Surface 3 today (wouldn't even turn on, battery symbol would flash on the screen). Charged it for 2 hours 45 minutes and was at 85%, took an additional hour to get to 100%, so roughly 3 hours 45 minutes from dead to full charge while the Surface is turned off. Not too bad at all IMHO.

source: https://forums.windowscentral.com/microsoft-surface-3/355747-surface-3-battery-life-charging-times.html

Battery report

Overigens kun je een rapportje trekken van je accugebruik. In een 'elevated' command prompt geef je volgend commando:

powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery_report.html"

In praktijk

laadtijd laadniveau
3h 45m 92%

datum 3h 7h30 18h30
26/08/'19 100% 95% 77%
27/08/'19 100% 97% (6h20)  
28/08/'19     79%
30/08/'19     80%

'Over time', de laadtijd neemt niet toe, maar het 'dischargen' gaat sneller.
datum 3h 18h37-19h28
17/01/'21 100% 65%
18/01/'21 100% 69%
19/01/'21 100% 68%

So I thing to add a scheduled task that shuts the tablet down at night. See if that helps…
timestamp capacity remaining
22/01/'21 18:38 97%
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