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Image editing

  • Inkscape (vectorafbeeldingen, bv. pdf, …) => in need of an online vector based image editor: https://www.designer.io/en/
  • Paint (default ge├»nstalleerd)
  • paint.net (resize / achtergrond)
  • Photos (copy image to be pasted in e.g. mail)
  • Picture Manager (quality)

Resize (smaller) and remove (transparent) background from raster image

tool result
Paint 3D
Photos not possible to remove background
Picture Manager

Correct colors of a scanned photo

There is one tool that does this phenomenally good, and that's:
  • paint.net: Adjustments > Auto-Level
I had a picture that had become "orange-ish", the Auto Correct function from Picture Manager made it even more orange, but the paint.net's Auto-Level function is a miracle and made the original colors to come back completely!!! It's a miracle!!!

Copy images to paste as image in a mail

  • this is not possible in Picture Manager
  • you can do this by opening them one by one in Paint
  • or you can use the Windows Photos app and then choose Share > Copy file - it's not the file that is copied however, but the image itself! - it's easier than Paint if you need to copy multiple images - in the Photos app, you can browse with Previous & Next buttons (left / right arrow)
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