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Image editing

  • Inkscape (vectorafbeeldingen, bv. pdf, …) => in need of an online vector based image editor: https://www.designer.io/en/
  • Paint (default ge├»nstalleerd)
  • paint.net (resize / achtergrond)
  • Photos (copy image to be pasted in e.g. mail)
  • Picture Manager (quality)

Resize (smaller) and remove (transparent) background from raster image

tool result
Paint 3D
Photos not possible to remove background
Picture Manager

Copy images to paste as image in a mail

  • this is not possible in Picture Manager
  • you can do this by opening them one by one in Paint
  • or you can use the Windows Photos app and then choose Share > Copy file - it's not the file that is copied however, but the image itself! - it's easier than Paint if you need to copy multiple images - in the Photos app, you can browse with Previous & Next buttons (left / right arrow)
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