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General browser settings

Privacy settings

Doorgaans kan alles via de instellingen van de browser zelf ingesteld worden. Om advertenties te blokkeren is er soms een extensie / plug-in / add-in nodig.
  Opera Brave Firefox Iexplore Chrome⁷ Edge < 2020 Edge >= 2020 (Chromium) Tor⁹
block 3rd-party cookies tick tick tick tick tick tick Cookies van derden blokkeren
Block third-party cookies
block ads tick tick tick tick² tick tick Blokkeren op sites die storende of misleidende advertenties weergeven
Block on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads
do not track tick tick tick tick³ tick tick Traceringspreventie: strikt
Tracking prevention: Strict
google.be⁻¹ tick tick tick¹ tick tick tick Zoekprogramma dat in de adresbalk wordt gebruikt
Address bar search engines
⁻¹ Basic URL = https://www.google.be/search?q=%s
⁰ Make default
¹ - Open menu () > Add-ons
- click on the Find more add-ons button
- in the Find add-ons form field bovenaan rechts, fill in google.be Nederlands
- krijg je meerdere resultaten (op dit ogenblik twee), klik op die met de hoogste waardering (of de laagste… 29/05/2019)
- klik op de knop + Add to Firefox
- er wordt om bevestiging gevraagd
- vink Make this the current search engine aan
- klik op de knop Add
- Open opnieuw het menu () > Options
- in het zoekveld bovenaan rechts, vul search engine in
- in de sectie Default Search Engine, kies Google.be NL
- in de sectie One-Click Search Engines, zet Google.be NL bovenaan
² https://adblockplus.org/nl/internet-explorer (don't use Adguard, unless you'd like to pay - 14 days trial, 18 euro/year)
³ - Tools (cog) > Internet Options
- Advanced tab > Security section
- Send Do Not Track requests to sites you visit in Internet Explorer
⁴ Vereist de installatie van een extensie: uBlock Origin
Google Search (België2019).reg
⁶ Built-in???
⁷ All settings are automatically saved if you enable synchronization!
⁸ Impossible to set to google.be, google.com is possible - created a ticket - this reduces the search tools to language-period-all, no "country"
⁹ based on Firefox
¹⁰ using the same add-on as Firefox, however the tools do not show "country" and "language"!!!???

Test privacy settings

block 3rd-party cookies

block ads

Surf bv. naar www.techadvisor.co.uk surfen, da's een site met heel wat advertenties.

do not track


Zoek via de adresbalk naar bv. het woord 'test'. Bij de resultaten moet je via Tools > Elk land kunnen wijzigen in België

browsers - browser

Personal background image for the start and/or home and/or new page/tab in any browser

Procedure Refresh in case of a new image
Opera New tab
Start Page
Speed Dial
  • open a new tab
  • rightclick and choose 'Change wallpaper"
  • click on the 'Desktop' thumbnail
Chrome Home page
  • F12
  • Network tab
  • check the Disable cache option
  • refresh the page
  • uncheck the Disable cache option
Chrome New Tab with the default New Tab:
  • Click on the Customize this page pencil icon at (bottom right)
  • Upload your image using the Upload from device link
this setting is not synced over your Google Account
Chrome New Tab with the Custom New Tab Background, you can set your New Tab to show a picture of your choice and nothing but a picture...
the image itself isn't synced
Chrome All sites perhaps this is overkill, but can be achieved through the Change Website Background extension
  • you can choose a picture, set opacity (e.g. 0.85) and blur (I wouldn't), and then the image appears on all websites you visit!
again, this setting isn't synced (the extension is, but the settings aren't)
Edge (Chromium) Home page see Chrome see Chrome
Firefox Home Page see https://superuser.com/questions/1495946/how-do-i-change-the-background-image-of-home-page-in-firefox  
Brave Home Page probably the same way as Chrome - not tested ~ Chrome
Edge < 2020 - obsolete  
Iexplore - obsolete  

Always use your preferred browser and your preferred search engine

For Chromium browsers this can be achieved by installing:
  • !EdgeDeflector: redirects Edge to your preferred browser
    • after installation, go to Settings > Default apps
    • scroll down and click on Choose default apps by protocol
    • scroll down to MICROSOFT-EDGE, click on the (Edge) icon next to it and choose EdgeDeflector instead
  • and in your Chromium browser: the Chrometana extension: redirects bing searches to your preferred search engine
    • after installation, in your Chromium browser, access the Details page of the Chrometana extension
    • click on Extension options
    • click on the Additional Settings button
    • check the Apply to all Bing Searches radio button
    • check the Use a Custom Search Engine checkbox
    • fill in your preferred search engine, e.g. https://www.google.be/search?q=
For other browsers (Firefox), !SearchDeflector is probably the best choice - I don't use it because clicking on a (search) link in the Windows Lock screen, results in an error! Therefore, I use the above mentioned solution using EdgeDeflector & Chrometana.

webhp & imghp

If you go to https://www.google.be/search?q=, you are automatically redirected to https://www.google.be/webhp.

There is nothing wrong with this redirection. webhp simply stands for Web search Home Page.

If you click the images link (top right), you'll see it redirects to https://www.google.be/imghp, and, guess what, that stands for Image search Home Page. smile
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